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Nov 15, 2009

The Ziperless Audiophile

Posted by The Advanced Audiophile

Yesterday, I took the opportunity to continue the experiments in my car, in order to improve on the sound of the car stereo. I wanted to pursue a technique I had discovered the day before, which was a major breakthrough in understand what this is and how it works. Of "breakthroughs", I have had a number. "Major breakthroughs".... mighty rare. So it was important for me to experiment where I could be left alone to my "own devices" (literally speaking), in an environment that had very little Beltist treatment done to it (yes, that would be me in an attempt made several months ago).

Well, the "major breakthrough" technique was working on objects in the car that I did not originally think it would work on (since it was originally developed on computer keyboards and remotes). The same characteristic of sound that occurred in the home, was occurring in this person's car. More importantly, this technique used a lot of me in it. It almost seemed like I was part of the device that was affecting the fields on the objects in the car. And, most likely I was. Since the idea behind Beltism is to reduce a kind of tension that impairs the senses, I treated the objects in the car only until I could feel a release of that tension, and tried not to go any further. That's because I learned that I could ruin things by going too far. (Which means this technique is not repeatable by just anyone. It requires an acute sensitivity to the Belt effect).

A half hour session grew to more of a full hour. And by the end of it, after repeated treatments of the car's interior, I noticed something else when I had decided I was finished: I noticed that I was in a state of relaxation, that felt reminiscent of the moments that follow an orgasm. I could go to sleep right then and there in the car, without any problem. The only problem was, the music stopped playing. The stereo had shut itself off, and would not turn back on, except to display the word "SAFE" in the window. Apparently, as far as I could guess, I had killed the battery. But I knew when that car comes back to life, boy.... is it ever going to sound good.

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