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Nov 19, 2009

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey

Posted by The Advanced Audiophile

Nature is wonderful, isn't it? It holds both our salvation and our destruction in its grasp. The problem is, so many of us fail to see the trees for the forest. Their leaves are usually attacked with a blower, then assaulted with a rake, then tossed in the garbage and then burned and discarded. Yet every one of them can be beneficial in reducing adverse energy fields in our interior environment.  How so? Let's try a simple experiment to induce forward facing light energy, and try to correct modified (inverse) patterns of light, that harm our senses. Grab a nice shiny leaf off a tree. Bring it in. Sprinkle just a very few grains of salt on a flat surface, and use a small piece of scotch tape to pick up about 3 or 5 grains. Tape this to the underside of the leaf. Do the exact same with 3-5 grains of sugar next, taping it to the top side of the leaf. Now the leaf can be taped to various objects, to put it into effect. ie. The LCD display of a CD or DVD player. The back of a wooden speaker. The middle of a CD, that is inside its jewel case. The corner of a window. The TV screen. A clock or watch face. Eyeglass lenses. The back of a photograph, or the glass in a photo frame. An electric light bulb (left off!). Listen with the leaf "installed" in such locations, then listen to the same song again, with the leaf taken out of the listening room, or out of the house. You can also do many leaves at the same time, to increase the effect. Note that the leaf should be facing upward, and that turning it over will degrade the sound. This too, is Beltism.

"You can't go against nature
Because when you do
Go against nature
That's part of nature too"

- "No New Tale To Tale"
: Love and Rockets

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