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I get a lot of that, actually. And a lot of this as well: "How come I never heard of it?!". This is an alternative science that has a lot going against it, in terms of how implausible it seems. But it has been studied and practiced by thousands of people across the globe for over a quarter of a century, because it has helped them and their acquaintances achieve benefits for that long. It has passed blind tests involving over a thousand participants. It has been testified to by numerous journalists in both print and online audio publications, since the 80's. Myself, I have been witnessing its effects for nigh on twenty years. It just isn't something that's all that easy to get into normally; intellectually or otherwise.

But once that happens everything changes. And the impossible becomes the implausible, the implausible becomes the possible. I maintain, from experience in testing the phenomenon on others, that you don't have to be an audiophile to hear the effects, or appreciate the considerable benefits that can be derived from them. But it helps. However, it doesn't help if you're the type of audiophile who is more concerned with ideology than you are with sound quality. With an open mind and open ears, there can be a lot to learn within the science of Beltism. And help is usually only a click or two away. Hope you find something worthwhile and interesting while you are here. n.b. Posts that contain actual experiments anyone can try themselves, will be tagged with the label "Experiments". (see "Categories" in the sidebar)

"Truth in science can be defined as the working hypothesis best suited to open the way to the next better one."- Konrad Lorenz

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