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Nov 11, 2009


Posted by The Advanced Audiophile

The hope always remains that one day, the science of Beltism will become better understood and accepted by the mainstream scientific community, and from there, the world at large. By then, hopefully again, it will finally be understood that the effect of Beltism has been with us long before there was a Peter Belt to discover it; just as with many other scientific discoveries throughout the story of mankind. This means that every sound recording known to man, encapsulated in it both the acoustic snapshot of the room it was recorded in, and the -Beltist- state of the environment as well. One operates on acoustic pressure waves hitting either the human eardrum or the microphone's transducer, the other is recorded in an entirely different realm, one picked up by listener perception. An example of this might be: If a recording engineer in the 50's is working on a new recording featuring Sarah Vaughn, and he has a stack of magnetic tape reels in his listening booth where his recording equipment is, the presence of the tapes will have some sort of a degrading effect on the recording he makes. If he asks an assistant to remove and file the tape reels and then does a re-take under the exact same conditions, including the state of the acoustic environment, his recording quality will have raised a bit, simply because of the removal of the tapes in a room where the microphones were not even located. That is due to the negative effect that magnets have on the Beltist aspect of a room's environment. And as with the acoustic environment, the state of the -Beltist environment- is captured on every type of recording, including digital file copies (as I detail in another article).

The energy patterns in a room dictate the state of the Beltist environment. It should be noted that a room does not need to have had "Beltist treatments" applied to the elements of its interior in order to have a "Beltist state". All objects in our environment naturally carry these energy patterns. Magnets have particularly strong patterns, which is why you don't have to do anything to them but remove them from the environment, to hear an effect from their absence. (They can also be made to be beneificial, but that's another story....). Simply moving one ordinary object from one location to another location, even right nearby, can have something of an effect on the sound (whether one becomes conscious of the effect is an entirely different matter). Even whether a phone line located in another part of the house is plugged in or not plugged in, can have an effect on the Beltist environment in that room, and any recordings made therein. In another article, I detail where I held a laptop computer in my hands in the middle of a doorway and moved it between two locations inches apart: one inside a well Belted room, and the other just outside the room. Both the picture and sound could readily be seen and heard to change in their quality, simply because one room had been thoroughly Belted, and its energy patterns created a more strongly beneficial environment to be in, if you're an eye or an ear (or a human being attached to either).

The Beltist state of the environment should never be understated, for its more than just a parlour trick. When you're in a heavily Belted environment, many things change. The more apparent things include the obvious; any stereo you listen to or video you watch will have an excellent level of quality to its sound or image. Photographs will probably look better too (note to self: test photographs!). Human voices in the room will take on a similar improvement in quality as the music system has. Recordings made in the room will turn out better than recordings made two inches outside the doorway of the room. Yes, even digital file copies or USB transfers from an mp3 player. The room may be more conducive to meditation, is it may effect one's natural state of relaxation. Perhaps most importantly, a room that has had its Beltist state strongly charged toward a positive effect, will affect Beltist experiments performed in that space. Meaning that, if you "treat" an object in the room with a Beltist device (ie. one from P.W.B. Electronics), that object will have a greater sound quality than if you were to treat it outside the home, or in a room not already well treated with Beltist devices. The reason for this is because treating a device operates like a recording, under Beltist laws.

Applying a piece of "Silver Rainbow Foil" (a P.W.B. product) to a compact disc within the perimeter of the well Belted room, means that an "imprint" of that environment is struck on the object when the foil is applied to it. Likewise, if you take the same foil and apply it to the same CD in an untreated room, the "sound" of that room (in Beltist terms), will be applied to the CD. Along with the influence of the foil itself. But although the foil remains the same, if you take the CD you foiled in the well-Belted room, and a perfect copy of it where the foil was applied in an untreated room, then compare the two CD's in an entirely different location, the one that was "foiled" in the well-Belted room will inevitably sound better. This happens because the device (foil) picks up the energy patterns of the room that it is in, and imprints them on the object, along with its own energy patterns. Nothing special about the foil though, as any Beltist treatment will incur the same effect. Those who are concious of the Beltist energy patterns in their environment, and how and what they are affected by, can exercise a great deal of control over their sound. Without going to the store and buying a single gadget, there are many many ways the environment can be controlled to allow for a much superior experience in sound and senses than we are accustomed to, simply because we do not make ourselves aware of this little known aspect of the natural environments we live in every day.

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