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Apart from being on and communicating from the bleeding edge of audio and life science, I also have the best sounding website on the internet. Skeptical? That's ok. I expect that. Oh. You don't know what it means? That's ok. I expected that too. It means that, being here and reading this page, you have already entered the Twilight Zone.... of good sound! This is not something that's at all easy for the average person to conceive, so perhaps its best to explain it in the form of an experiment.

Let's try this.... the idea is to switch between my website and another one you have loaded in another tab of your browser. (If you don't have any other browser tabs open, open one now!). But before you switch between the tabs, you begin a careful listen to recorded music. It could be in the form of mp3's on your computer, or you could if you wish listen to your primary hifi audio system. You would of course begin with the same song each time you switch. Whatever source of recorded music you choose to listen to, you can start by listening to your music while you have another website displayed on your computer monitor (this other website could be one loaded in another tab of your browser, or even another browser window). Make sure that as you switch between the two, the other website and mine each take up the full screen. Meaning that you have no other windows partially covering them. e.g. If you have a music player window open in order to play the test music, minimize the music player window. Also, when switching to my site, you should be able to read this text (or just be at the top of the home page, where you see the article "Welcome To The Advanced Audiophile"). When you've heard enough of the test track while you have another site displayed on your monitor, switch over to my blog. Wait a couple of seconds and begin the same song again, and listen carefully to see if the sound quality has improved. Repeat the switching as many times as necessary, until you are certain you are or aren't able to hear differences in the sound quality.

I have no trouble hearing the differences on my end. But I can't ever vouch for what people I don't know can or can't consciously hear (or feel. Yes, I can feel the difference when I switch to my blog; and if you are already particularly sensitive to the effects of Beltism, you too might feel a lowering of tension when switching to my page).  If you try and don't hear any differences in your relative sound quality , that's ok too. You're not there yet.... As I haven't yet tested the effect on anyone I know, I don't know yet if the difference is large enough for anyone to hear. If not, don't let the experience stop you from trying any of the other experiments throughout this blog. The ones you actively participate in are more likely to yield a stronger effect. OTOH, if you do hear this effect of my site producing a better sound in your home than that of another site, and you're wondering why.... me, you're not alone. ;-)


The Advanced Audiophile

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